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How do we help you reach Peak Performance?


The IconPeak mobile performance platform aggregates the best of six worlds; media buying, YouTube Influencers, in-app placements, programmatic, native and video sources. Coupled with our consultancy approach, we will help you determine the optimal combination for advertising your app.

App Recommendation Engine
With machine-learning algorithms
YouTube Influencers program
Harnessing the power of social stars
What our advertising partners have to say:
The IconPeak team uses a consultancy approach and we have seen very encouraging ROI growth from the pool of global users acquired by them. Michelle Zou
Over the past ten months IconPeak has continuously run our Clash of Kings series, ensuring that even the most stringent KPIs were met. Amy Yang
IconPeak Account Managers assist us in setting relevant goals for expected in-app activity and delivered consistently to help us achieve our benchmarks. Scott Park
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