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IconPeak is a trusted partner to over 500 top app developers and advertisers, who offer an inventory of exclusive campaigns. Monetize your ad space by promoting one of hundreds of in-demand apps and integrate our API to streamline your growth – no SDK required.

If you have direct placements within your app or mobile web page, please chat to one of our consultancy crew who can provide you with targeted campaigns. Make your incremental revenue monumental.

Are you a media buyer?
We have a great group of in-house media buyers, but we are always looking to work with external media monetization experts. If you are an experienced media buyer, then we look forward to having a chat about which top campaigns are on offer.
Are you a traffic provider?
If you have direct traffic sources anywhere in the world, then we want to connect you with 500 advertisers to monetize your mobile traffic. Get in touch to discuss which campaigns you could run in your preferred geo or vertical and integrate via API for an even smoother revenue stream.
Are you a developer?
Now that you have launched that amazing app, it's time to make some revenue from it. Our proprietary in-house optimization engine allows us to track post-install in-app activity and offer real-time feedback. This means we can measure, monitor and optimise your placements for superior results.
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