App Store Rankings and Organic Downloads: Tips for Your App Store Success

With a vast number of mobile apps at your disposal, it’s no wonder that promoting your own can feel like an uphill battle. But fear not, there are reliable methods to enhance your app’s prominence on the app store, and we’ll be diving into them in this piece. 

As of March 2023, Stastista recorded a total number of 2.67 million apps available on Google’s Play Store. Amid such high competition between apps across verticals, do you find yourself having difficulty making your app stand out to users? Look no further for guidance on visibility for your app store rankings, why it’s important to consider your brand’s app growth, how you can improve the numbers, and more. 

What is App Store ranking? 

App Store Ranking is all about where an app rates concerning its competitors. But what about the factors that impact ranking? Well, download frequency and user ratings are big influencers. In addition, pay-per-download is a significant booster in helping reach and accomplish those numbers which have a high bearing on ranking. It may be confusing to get a handle on at first, but bear in mind that the higher up an app is ranked, the easier it is to find potential users on the store. And that’s gold for an app’s success!

The higher the rank of your app in app store search results, the more visible it is to potential users who are most likely to download the app. Relevance, amount of downloads, ratings, and reviews are further criteria that influence your app’s position. In short, app store ranking is just the position in search results for specific keywords where your app appears.

Why is App Store ranking important? 

App store rankings are unquestionably crucial, as mobile marketers and developers are well aware. But why is it so important? 

The App Store rating of an app has a big impact on its success. It has the potential to have a substantial impact on an app’s growth and income, as well as its visibility and trustworthiness. To assure the app’s success in a crowded market, developers and marketers must work constantly to enhance their app store rank. 

After all, higher app store rankings are directly connected with increased organic downloads and user engagement.

For mobile marketers and app developers, App Store Ranking is critical. Gaining a high ranking may have a big influence on your website’s exposure and capacity to attract new visitors. 

However, it is also critical to ensure that the app’s organic users are interested in and satisfied with it. This considerably increases the likelihood that the app will be shared and recommended to additional users.

In what ways do organic users contribute to an app’s popularity?

App creators frequently question how to expand an app’s reach, but our answer stays consistent: the key is to target people who have a genuine interest in the app.

Creating advertising efforts to attract organic consumers is a positive move. However, ensuring that organic users are engaged and delighted with the app is equally important.

It is more likely that organic users will download your app if it has better numbers in ranking. At the top of the search results, the app with the most appearances ties in with the probability of downloads. Visibility will increase as a direct effect of higher rankings, leading to more downloads, reviews, and user ratings. The cycle of better exposure, more visibility, increased downloads, and higher engagement continue as a result of beneficial reviews and ratings that accentuate your app’s ranking.

To boost your app store ranking, try out these tactics that are backed by evidence:

Attract eyes with an optimized app store listing

Your app listing on the app store is often the first introduction potential users get to it. So you must spruce up your app store listing with optimization to appeal to users. Fine-tune your app’s meta title, keywords, and SEO description to increase its searchability. Utilize striking images, videos, and screenshots to highlight your app’s most exceptional features and benefits.

Use the ASO (App Store Optimization) tool

The ASO utilities can help find the corresponding keywords, appropriate SEO phrases, and how to improve the app’s selling page. These tools analyze your app’s metadata, user reviews, and ratings to provide actionable insights for improving your app’s ranking. 

By using these ingenious instruments, app developers and mobile marketers can improve their understanding of potential user bases. They can then perform cognitive ratings to enrich the performance of apps in the highly competitive market of mobile apps.

Increase your app downloads with burst campaigns

Your app’s ranking hinges heavily on the number of downloads it garners. Improving an app’s rating is extremely crucial, and one constructive approach to achieving this goal is to deploy a marketing strategy using Burst Campaigns. These campaigns can help boost downloads and promote the mobile app further, ultimately leading to a better rating for your app. 

Burst campaigns are an efficient way to generate a sudden surge in app downloads in a short period of time. The method is especially beneficial for newly launched mobile apps or ones that have been upgraded with new features. The purpose of a burst campaign is to create significant downloads in a brief amount of time to raise the app’s visibility and increase the app store’s rankings.

It’s critical to have a well-thought-out strategy that targets the correct audience and employs the relevant keywords and ad types.

Encourage users to review and rate your app

User reviews and ratings are essential for improving the ranking of apps. The more active comments you receive, the higher the ranking of the app. Encourage users to evaluate your app by providing incentive measures such as in-app rewards.

Ensure to keep your app up-to-date

Routine app updates not only enhance user experience but also reflect positively on your app’s relevance. App stores prioritize applications that deliver regular updates and novel features.

Examine your rivals closely

Examining the applications of your competitors is a useful way to identify areas where improvements can be made. By scrutinizing their App Store rankings, user ratings, and feedback, you can gather insight into the features that users appreciate and those they do not. To improve your app store performance and obtain a competitive advantage, use this knowledge.

Personalize your app’s listing to cater to local users

It is strongly recommended to develop a list for your app store in order to accommodate users in various regions or local areas. Translating the app’s title, description, and keywords into the appropriate vernacular language is crucial to improve search correlation and exposure.

Track the App’s Performance

To prioritize improved areas and optimize apps, monitoring app performance is crucial. Track user behavior, retention rates, and other critical indications using Mobile Measurement Platforms (MMPs) such as Adjust, AppsFlyer, Kochava, Branch, etc.

To sum up, it is essential to improve your app store rating to draw in more organic users for your app.

By enhancing various components such as the app store listing, download rate, user feedback, and app updates, as well as assessing competitor behavior and utilizing app store optimization tools, social media, in-app referral programs, and localization techniques, you can establish a strong presence for your app and increase downloads. 

Keep in mind that enhancing the ranking of your app is a continuous process. Therefore, it is crucial to persistently refine and streamline your app to maintain and even boost your ranking with time.

Reach out to Iconpeak’s team today to explore growth goals for your app and stay on top of your app store game!

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